The Controlled Environment Systems Facility provides a complete research venue suitable for measurement of plant growth, gas exchange, volatile organic compound (VOC) evolution, and nutrient remediation in a precisely controlled environment. The facility is comprised of 24 sealed environment chambers including 14 variable pressure plant growth hypobaric chambers capable of sustaining a vacuum. CES’s personnel have extensive experience in the fields of plant physiology, environment analysis and sensor technology.

The objectives of the CES Facility are to enhance our services and to establish the Facility as a preferred source of whole plant research. A facility of this size and capabilities has prospective customers in numerous diverse industries including aerospace (closed environment plant based life support research, test bed for new plant and environment sensor technologies), chemical (fertilizer, pesticide efficacy), plant production (plant productivity trials), and university (basic research in plant growth and physiology). Our goals include the promotion of new and emerging technologies and participation in partnerships exploiting space technology such as environment sensors.

Growing system technical specifications