This is the logo for the school of environmental science. The logo sis a sphere with representations of sky, green land, brown land and a wave.
This is the standard university of guelph cornerstone logo. A black square with the words university of guelph in a fancy font.
The old CESRF SALSA logo. It just says SALSA in a blue sphere

The Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility and its Space and Advanced Life Support Agriculture program are an essential part of Canada’s contributions to plant research and development for space and closed environment-related activities. The prospect of a higher priority for advanced life support research objectives in the Canadian Space Agency’s Long Term Space Plan and the strong support of NASA’s Advanced Life Support (ALS) community provides a clear incentive and opportunity to promote our capabilities in this area. In addition, our ongoing contract with the European Space Agency’s MELiSSA Project promises to expand to include a broader scope of objectives in life support studies.

A slice through an image of three lettuce heads showing the effect of red, blue and white light on lettuce morphology

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