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CESRF Executive

Graduate Students

Rosemary Brockett (MSc) Greenhouse production and post-harvest storage of Ontario Fiddleheads – Extending the season and building the market.
Ajwal Dsouza (MSc)  OMAFRA Teir 1 UG Partnership | We The Roots, Resource Recovery and Inedible Biomass Management in High-Intensity Urban Vertical Farming Applications.
Heather Henry (MSc) OMAFRA Alliance Special Initiatives, Characterization of Nuisance Stray Light, and Evaluation of Abatement Strategies on Crop Productivity in Year-round Greenhouse Production.
Serge Levesque (PhD) Regenerative in situ Electrochemical Treatment Systems for Greenhouse and High-Intensity Urban Agriculture.
Christopher Patterson (MSc) Canadian Space Agency, Investigating Canada’s role in space science missions for the Canadian Space Agency’s Advanced Life Support program.
Lauren Plotnik (MSc)PhytoGro Canada,  Investigations in horticultural lighting methods for the production of medicinal compounds.
Jared Stoochnoff (PhD)Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council | Intravision Group AS | Intravision Light Systems Inc. Canada | TCA Technolgoies Inc.  Optimization production parameters and nutritional composition of select food crops produced under controlled environment, high density, continuous production.

Staff/Technicians/Research Associates/Post Docs

  • Jamie Lawson
  • Dr. Demos Leonardos
  • David Llewellyn
  • Dr. Michael Stasiak
  • Ping Zhang